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Transparency and supplier payments

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Code of recommended practice for local authorities on data transparency

As part NLWA's commitment to openness and transparency in  its operations, the following information is available on our website:

  • Senior employee salary details - these are available in our Annual Statements of Accounts
  • Authority organisational chart - this is available in our Annual Report
  • Councillor allowances and expenses - The Authority does not have a scheme of paying councillor allowances and expenses.
  • Contracts to businesses and voluntary organisations - our Contracts Register provides information on contracts of over £5,000 in value and provides information on:
      • The nature of each contract
      • How the contract was procured
      • Start, end and review date for each contract
      • The supplier name and address
      • The supplier category
      • The contract value

The current version of the Contracts Register, dated 31 March 2015, is separted into four sections:  Operations, CommunicationsPrevention and Consultancy. Where contract values are estimated details of actual payments to individual suppliers are detailed below. As part of all local authorities' commitment to transparency in public spending, the North London Waste Authority provides details of all payments to suppliers for invoices greater than £500, published monthly.

The reports are made available under Open Government Licence.

The published data contains:

  • Supplier name
  • Description of the goods or service provided
  • Date the invoice was paid
  • A unique internal reference number
  • An indicator identifying whether the goods or services are capital or revenue in nature
  • The invoice total amount excluding VAT

It will not include personal data protected by the Data Protection Act 1998:

  • Payments made to staff
  • Payments which may reveal personal information about an individual

To help with accessibility, we have produced each file in two formats:

PDF: this is an easy to read formatted version.

CSV: this file can be opened in a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel to allow manipulation of the data.

Payments to suppliers information

More information

If you have any questions about any of the payments listed please contact Nick Harris on 020 8489 8609 or send an email.