Low Plastic Zones bunting hung up

Low Plastic Zones

Plastic pollution has become a major environmental problem; plastic it is not only a waste and littering issue, but often finds its way into waterways and oceans, releasing toxic chemicals before breaking down.

To tackle this issue, we are working with our boroughs to create positive action amongst individual residents, businesses and local communities.

Participating areas:

  • Camden- West Hampstead
  • Enfield- Southgate
  • Hackney- Dalston- Kingsland Road and Ridley Road Market
  • Haringey- Crouch End
  • Islington- Cowcross Street
  • Waltham Forest- Leytonstone High Street

As part of this initiative, we encourage businesses to reduce the use of excessive and unnecessary plastic and work towards being a low plastic shop. Business interested to participate can fill in the Charter of Commitment and email it back to us at wastepreventionteam@nlwa.gov.uk.

Click  this link to view Low Plastic Zone Businesses in a larger map.

What are the benefits to your business?

The benefits to you of signing up to be involved are that:

  •  you will be demonstrating your commitment to reducing plastic waste to your customers – a positive message to enhance your business.
  • we’ll provide you with free promotional material when you take part.
  • once we get enough businesses in each area reaching the required standard, there will be extra publicity to promote the area.

Participating in this project makes good business as well as environmental sense.

Once you have signed up, NLWA officers will visit your business and work closely with you to help you reduce single use plastic and provide you with tips on how you can encourage your customers to do the same. A few weeks after the visit, officers will revisit you to assess progress and provide you with further support. Once you have removed the plastic items that you have committed to be reducing, you will then be certified.

If more than 50% of the shops in the area have been also compliant, the area will be certified as Low Plastic Zone and signs and banners will be installed to give recognition to the area and the local businesses and celebrate this achievement.

If you are still unsure about your participation please read our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at wastepreventionteam@nlwa.gov.uk

20 May 2019