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We're committed, as part of our Waste Prevention Plan, to educate the next generation of adults and help embed waste education in north London schools. We recognise there's a world of useful teaching resources 'out there' on sustainability topics. To make things easier for you when developing lessons on waste prevention, we've brought together in the tiles below, a range of teaching resources, from individual lesson plans and assemblies to one-off activities. These resources are drawn from external organisations and over time will also include north London specific materials.

These resources on the NLWA Education Hub are intended for teachers and education practitioners to utilise themselves within the classroom. They are targeted towards KS1 and KS2 students and relate in particular to waste prevention and recycling. As well as these classroom resources, NLWA also run a school engagement programme in relation to the North London Heat and Power Project - including in-school workshops and student site visits.

We want this hub to be active and current so if you think there's a useful link we should include, or you can't find what you need, let us know.

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