children sat around a table with the In the Know programme logo

'In The Know' Primary Schools programme

Designed with teachers, for teachers: NLWA has co-developed a new outreach programme with north London primary schools to tackle waste, taking place across the 24/25 academic year, and we're looking for schools to take part!

What is the 'In The Know' programme?

The overarching goal is to establish a culture of waste prevention within the primary schools that participate in the programme by putting the knowledge for change in the hands of north Londoners. We will work closely with the school staff and north London borough officers to make improvements in the following areas: waste prevention education, communications and engagement, and waste and recycling services. 

The programme will build strong insights into waste behaviours at your school through waste auditing and qualitative surveys. 

What's in it for you?

  • Insight and reporting metrics on waste 

  • At least 3 days of engagement from NLWA 

  • Materials developed and delivered by a teacher, with strong links to national curriculum 

  • Improved internal communications on waste and recycling practices 

  • Improved waste and recycling infrastructure and services (and cost benefits of preventing waste) 

  • Awards Ceremony at end of programme (with publicity opportunities for your school) 

  • Assistance in forming a long-term strategy to help your school commit to further waste prevention 

Example timeline*

Kick off meeting in September 2024, Pupil engagement and first waste audit in October 2024, Staff workshops in March 2025, second waste audit in Jun 2025 and review meeting in July 2025
*Timings are indicative and subject to change. We will work closely with your school and colleagues to book in suitable dates for each event.

Application process

Applications for the In the Know programme have now closed. Successful applicants will be contacted in early May 2024. Thank you to all the schools that took the time to apply!

Applicant briefing pack