Advent Calendar 7

Christmas Donation

In what has been a difficult year for many, organisations such as charities and hospitals will continue to run Christmas appeals until mid-December, collecting donated items for children and teenagers or allowing you to make a donation on someone else’s behalf.

Making a donation or buying a much-needed gift for someone in need on a friend or family member’s behalf can make a wonderful alternative to buying an unwanted present that might end up going to waste - especially for those that are hard to buy for!

The suggested gift list for donations will be similar across most organisations, and is likely to include board/card games, jigsaw puzzles, toy cars, dolls and stocking fillers proving for young kids and teenagers.

Some organisations are unable to take used items, but, if you have an item that was given to you that has not been used or worn, for example an electronic game, item of clothing, or toy or game in its original wrapper, why not gift it to someone in need this year?

Many organisations are running Christmas present appeals across north London including The Salvation Army, YMCA and Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you would like to take part in one, please visit their website for guidelines. Many appeals are being run differently this year due to COVID-19 and are asking for donations to be sent no later than Friday 18 December.

Other national and global charities offer a gift service where you can make a financial donation on someone else’s behalf. These services will often tell you/let you choose exactly what you’re funding with your donation, and many offer a gift card or similar that you can hand over on the big day to tell the recipient about the donation you’ve made on their behalf. Check online for more information.