Information requests and privacy

We will only use your personal data when the law allows us to. We are generally performing a public task when responding to information requests and will respond as quickly as possible and in line with the relevant legislation. We use a third party web-based database system called ‘Vuelio’ to help us to record and manage our information requests and so that we can keep track of the progress of answering each request too. If you make an information request to NLWA we will therefore pass on your personal details and your request to the Vuelio database. The database has security protocols in place so that only authorised NLWA and Vuelio staff can access the information, but if you have any concerns about this transfer please contact NLWA’s Data Protection Officer for more information before submitting your request. Email:

Once your request has been added to the Vuelio system you will automatically receive an email about privacy from Vuelio.

For more information about NLWA’s approach to personal data protection and privacy please see our Privacy Notice and for Vuelio’s privacy information please go to