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Reuse and Recycling Credits Scheme

NLWA pays reuse and recycling credits to not-for-profit organisations operating in north London that remove items from the municipal waste stream for reuse or recycling that would otherwise have been sent for disposal at the Authority’s expense. The value of the credit is paid on each tonne of material reused or recycled. The scheme recognises the saving to the Authority made by this reuse or recycling.

Applying for reuse and recycling credits

Organisations wishing to claim credits must complete our application form by 1 April to register for the following financial year. The registration needs to be renewed annually. Apply for the 2024/25 round here.

Further information

Applicants need to estimate the number of tonnes for which they expect to claim credits in the forthcoming year, should their application be successful. Only organisations that have been successful in registering for credits with the Authority are then able to make tonnage claims throughout the year.

After application, organisations need to submit their tonnage sheet to us at on a quarterly basis. We will send an updated tonnage sheet to you when your acceptance on the scheme is confirmed. We made several key changes to the administration of the scheme ahead of the 2024-25 round.

Our 2009 guidance remains in force, with the modification to point ix) that we accept claims digitally as well as in writing. If you have any questions, please contact us at for more information.