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Delve into the world of waste, climate change and sustainability with these podcasts

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We all consume content and information in different ways. Many of us are expected to do a lot of reading in our working lives. These two facts mean that shaking up our information channels is key. That’s where podcasts come in – a crafty little medium which allows you to take a screen break while staying informed, consumable both on a nice lunchtime walk, on the go or in a quiet room at home.

So whether you’re looking for a new medium of information or you’re a long-standing podcast aficionado, we’ve got some great podcasts to develop your environmental knowledge. They’re all related to the waste industry, sustainability or climate change and how these worlds intersect.

  1. Trash Talk: The Dirty Truth About What We Throw Away by Intelligence Squared

    Award-winning journalist Oliver Franklin-Wallis delves into the global waste industry following the launch of his new book Wasteland: The Dirty Truth about What We Throw Away, Where It Goes, and Why It Matters. The podcast explores waste in its many forms, its onward journey, the people that handle it and its effect on our planet.

  2. The Big Green Money Show by BBC Sounds

    This series is hosted by Deborah Meaden and Felicity Hannah, who talk to big business names about topics from recycling, reuse, how to live greener and the impact of climate change. A great podcast to tuck into for interesting insights from a range of special guests, from Biffa's CEO to The Wildlife Trusts and Unilever. 

  3. The Circular Economy Show Podcast by The Ellen Macarthur Foundation

    Bringing insight into how the circular economy is developing, this podcast has over 120 episodes covering the issues with a linear economy, and the solutions offered by a circular one. Through the series you'll hear from the people who are making circular happen and learn about how it's evolving and being scaled. 
  4. The Restart Project Podcast by The Restart Project

    Hosted by podcaster Dave Pickering, this podcast goes on a deep dive into the concept of repair, good and bad design, obstacles to repairing electricals, the emotional side of ownership, and what happens at the 'end of life' of gadgets.

  5. Age of Plastic by Andrea Fox

    This podcast series gives sound tips on how to live plastic free, addressing big ethical issues
    with her knowledgeable guests. It aims to alleviate some of the climate change overwhelm we often face and battle the single-use plastic guilt.
  6. The Climate Question by BBC World Service

    A programme that sheds light on the variety of takes on climate change. It looks at how best to understand it and the world’s attempts to avert it, temper it or adapt to it. Drawing in on global stories, this podcast's focus is on how we should respond to climate change and where to find hope.
  1. Buried by BBC Sounds

    Buried is a shocking true-crime series that uncovers an environmental scandal: a secret one million tonne dump near a city in Northern Ireland. It's a gripping series into the world of waste and it doesn't just involve an environmental crime…

  2. Sustainability Uncovered by Edie

    This series covers the sustainability and climate stories that really matter in a bite sized and interactive way, with interviews, quizzes and more. It looks into how we can accelerate the transition to a net-zero, circular economy and, targets a wide audience - from business leaders and environmental professionals, to youth activists and people who care about sustainability.

You can access these podcasts wherever you get your podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud.

If you have any podcast recommendations on waste, reuse and recycling, sustainability or climate change you can let us know on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram or by emailing post@nlwa.gov.uk.

25 September 2023