Man repairing smart phone

Repair Day 2021

Repair Day 2021 is on October 16 and is aimed at making us think more about how we use and dispose of every day items instead of taking the time to repair them, often due to being unaware that things can be repaired and also out of convenience and time limitations. 

Many of the items we dispose of have not necessarily reached the end of their life but only have temporary faults which can be addressed if we take the time to do some research or ask for help. Repairing an object, whether that's a pair of shoes or an old toaster means that it's diverted from the waste stream making carbon savings both in terms of disposal and eliminating the need to purchase a new item.

If you'd like to start on your repair journey, you've come to right place. Here you'll find all the resources you need to establish if your broken toaster can be repaired either by a qualified engineer or yourself. All you need to do is go along to a repair event where you can learn how easy it is to get fixing! 

The benefits of repair include money and carbon savings as well as the preservation of precious raw materials.  Read our blog to learn more about the rise of consumerism in the UK in recent decades, as well as our thoughts and recommendations for the future.

If you want to find a repair location just check out our Repair Directory for information.

Published date
4 October 2021