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What You Can and Can't Recycle in North London

To everyone who spends their precious time rinsing tins, crumpling cardboard, squashing bottles, and putting the right things in the right bin - we want to say thank you. We're all doing our best to recycle more. And that’s amazing. But it also means we sometimes get it wrong. Some items do more harm than good when they're put in your home recycling collection, so it's important to check before you chuck.

You can search for specific items below, but remember: textiles, electrics, and black bin bags should never go in your home recycling collection. These items can cause serious problems at recycling facilities, including breaking equipment and 'contaminating' whole loads of recycling which then have to be thrown away.

Getting your recycling right means protecting the environment and our natural resources - as well as making life a lot easier for our key workers. So, north London, thanks for trying!

Things you can recycle


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Published date
7 September 2021