fabric face masks

What Does Your Mask Say About You?

Masks have become an essential part of our modern lives, necessary for stopping the spread of Covid-19. So, how can we express ourselves and connect with others while maintaining our safety? We have been exploring the psychology behind what your face mask says about you. Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Fashion Psychologist and founder of Fashion is Psychology shared the insight below.

There is a great deal of evidence which suggests that your clothing plays a vital role in interpersonal communication. The styles we choose to wear are dictated by a host of factors including our mood, our culture, and our interests, all of which reveal aspects of our identity. Equally, research has shown that we interpret a lot about a person’s character, sociability and more from their clothing. Opting to wear a more expressive reusable mask can be a way to reveal a bit more about you. 

Here are a range of perceptions that people associate with certain colours that can inform your choice of reusable mask.

11 February 2021