big plastic count
Published date: 14 February 2024

Count your waste to tackle the plastic crisis

The Big Plastic Count is back again for 2024! 

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is supporting Everyday Plastic and Greenpeace to run the UK’s biggest investigation into household plastic waste. The Big Plastic Count is an initiative that encourages schools, households, community groups and businesses to actively participate in counting and documenting plastic pollution in their local areas.  

By fostering awareness and engagement, the campaign aims to empower residents to make informed choices about their plastic consumption and contribute to the larger effort to reduce plastic pollution. 

After supporting the last Big Plastic Count in 2022, NLWA is once again encouraging residents, businesses, and community organisations across north London to take part in this year’s count by documenting and reporting plastic waste in their surroundings for one week, 11th-17th March.

By participating in this collective effort, individuals can contribute valuable data to further our understanding of plastic pollution and advocate for effective strategies to address this pressing issue. 

NLWA Chair, Clyde Loakes said: “It’s essential that the UK cuts down on unnecessary plastic waste and while community participation is vital, meaningful and lasting change requires comprehensive government action.  

“We urge the Government to consider the findings from The Big Plastic Count seriously and take bold steps towards implementing policies including a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).” 

For more information on The Big Plastic Count 2024 and how to get involved, check out their website.

big plastic count