Councillor Rowena Champion in front of Islington Town Hall
Published date: 29 January 2024

“How do I wash my menstrual cup?” New sustainable period campaign helps the 40% of people who want to switch to reusables but don’t know how.

We north Londoners are an eco-friendly bunch, so we’re always armed with our keep cups and tote bags. But when it comes to period products, many of us don’t feel as confident making the switch to waste-free options such as moon cups or washable knickers. A YouGov poll commissioned by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) found 40% of respondents said they wanted to reduce the waste created by their period, but didn’t know how or found it too difficult.* 

Well, a new campaign is changing all that. Reduce, Reuse, Your Cycle is a new NLWA initiative helping women and others who menstruate to learn about reusable alternatives to pads and tampons. The campaign webpage features a wealth of knowledge on reusables, such as how-to videos, advice from those who’ve already made the switch, and a comprehensive list of commonly-asked questions – in which no topic is off-limits.  

Putting a friendly face to the expert advice is campaign partner Women’s Environmental Network (Wen). They’re running a series of free, practical workshops to help women and others who menstruate get to grips with the different kinds of products on the market. With over a quarter (26%) of survey respondents saying they would switch to reusable period products if they were easier to use, these workshops are providing exactly the kind of hands-on help people are calling for.  

NLWA member and Islington councillor Rowena Champion (pictured), spokesperson for the campaign, praised the practical, useful advice on offer. “This campaign is all about making it easier for people to have more sustainable periods. This is a judgement-free zone for you to ask burning questions and get all the info you need about reusable period products.”

With each person who menstruates generating up to 200kg of waste in their lifetime – plenty of which is incorrectly flushed down the toilet, ending up in our rivers and oceans – switching to reusables even part of the time makes a huge ecological difference. The campaign will help north Londoners make that switch not only through the wealth of information available on the website, but by providing discounts on a range of reusable period products.  

“If you’ve ever been curious about giving reusable period products a go, there’s never been a better time,” said Councillor Champion. “Reduce, Reuse, Your Cycle is breaking down the stigma of talking about periods, helping us make better choices for the planet and ourselves.” 

Audio grabs featuring Councillor Champion discussing the campaign can be used with attribution in any radio or media story. 

*YouGov poll conducted in November 2023 with 2,000 female participants aged 18 to 49. For more information on the survey results, contact


Councillor Rowena Champion in front of Islington Town Hall