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Published date: 16 December 2019

NLWA Awards Contract for Mixed Dry Recyclables

In July 2019 North London Waste Authority (NLWA) announced the award of replacement contracts for processing its mixed dry recyclables.

We are delighted to confirm that our contract with Biffa Waste Services Ltd comes into effect today (Monday 16 December), and the operation of the new service will begin as planned.

With the start of this contract north London will be able to continue recycling a wide range of materials; under the new contract we will see improved reporting and traceability of end destinations for recycling, providing further reassurance to north London residents about what happens to their recyclable material. The new six-year contract (with the opportunity to extend to ten years) will also bring particular additional benefits, for example, Biffa will be contributing funding for north London’s councils to deliver projects to help reduce contamination of recyclable material.

The July announcement included the news that a contract had been awarded to Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd.  Unfortunately, after several months of co-operation in preparation for the contract start, Bywaters unexpectedly approached the Authority in December seeking changes to the contract. The Authority made clear that the proposals were not acceptable, and therefore the contract with them will not be implemented.

The Authority has sufficient capacity in its recycling contract in the short term to ensure that service delivery will not be affected. In the New Year the Authority will consider whether it needs to explore other options to meets its recycling capacity requirements.

Andrew O’Connor, Head of Strategy and Services, NLWA, said: “Today marks the continuation of a long and productive partnership with Biffa. The new contract will help the Authority push ahead with activity to encourage greater recycling in north London, which is a key part of our action on tackling the Climate Emergency. It is great news that this six-year contract will provide certainty around north London’s ability to provide improved processing of recyclable material in the long term. This is the largest recycling contract in England and I look forward to it being a real success.

“The Authority tendered a series of contracts to achieve the recycling capacity required; it is extremely disappointing that Bywaters have indicated at this late stage that they are now unable to honour the contract awarded in July.”