Published date: 12 May 2015

Phase One Consultation Feedback Report published

NLWA has published its Phase One Consultation Feedback Report on the North London Heat and Power Project.

The North London Heat and Power Project Phase One Consultation Feedback Report provides the outcomes of phase 1 consultation on NLWA's proposals for a replacement energy recovery facility (ERF) and associated works at the Edmonton EcoPark.

NLWA has decided to progress an application for permission to build a replacement energy from waste facility (ERF) at the EcoPark in Edmonton together with other facilities needed for waste management, and associated works and landscaping. This will be an application to the Secretary of State, through the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for a Development Consent Order, as the energy output from the proposed ERF will exceed 50MW. The proposals were initially presented for public consultation starting in November 2014. That consultation ended on 27 January 2015, and this report presents the outcomes of that consultation.

The Authority has agreed to carry out two phases of public consultation, and the second phase will be on the scheme the Authority proposes to submit. That phase of consultation is scheduled to start on 18 May and to last for just over six weeks to 30 June 2015.

Further details about the project are available on the North London Heat and Power project website.