Published date: 23 June 2022

Statement on disturbance at North London Waste Authority meeting

Today, 23 June, protestors shut down a democratic meeting to push their views and make personal attacks on members of the North London Waste Authority, both past and present.

NLWA is a democratic organisation made up of councillors who have been recently elected by residents across north London to represent them, and which the seven north London boroughs select for membership of the Authority.

NLWA has always welcomed and encouraged residents to make deputations at our meetings, however shutting down a meeting and preventing democratic processes calls into question the real motives of protestors.

After several attempts to restart the meeting, NLWA was forced to pause the meeting after not making it past the first agenda item due to protestors’ actions. The AGM was restarted after a delay. The other items for discussion will be heard at future meetings.

We do not have time to delay our response to the Climate Emergency, but the protestors did not let us discuss vital items on the agenda, including much-needed plans to bring forward essential waste management facilities for two million residents, and a Residual Waste Reduction Plan to champion the circular economy.