Organic waste collections being carried out.

Garden Waste Recycling

The north London boroughs offer garden waste collection services to their residents, though some boroughs may charge for this service. Depending on where you live, you may be provided with a garden waste bin, or with garden waste bags. Your garden waste should then be presented on your collection day. Visit your local council website to find out when your garden waste is collected.

You can also take garden waste to your local reuse and recycling centre (RRC).

What goes in your garden waste bin?

There can be confusion over what to put in your garden waste bin.  For example, broken up garden furniture and tools should not be placed in this as often the wood in these products is contaminated with other chemicals or contains other materials. 

It is possible to recycle things like grass cuttings, leaves, hedge clippings, and small branches. For a full list of what garden waste can and cannot be recycled, visit the garden waste page on our A-Z of waste items.

Where does your garden waste go?

Visit the 'What happens to my recycling?' page to find out what happens to north London's garden waste.