A repair specialist unpicks stitching at a Repair Cafe.

Do you have a bike that needs fixing? Perhaps your favourite trousers need a new waistband, or a radio has stopped working?

Repairing or 'upcycling' items you already own can help to avoid buying new items. This has a positive impact on the environment as raw materials can be preserved and items are prevented from becoming waste. It also saves money.

We run a free programme of Repair Café events to help you fix and improve items, such as clothes and bicycles, that are broken or damaged. Repair specialists will fix your items, and show you how to do so yourself, for free.

Take a look at our Events page for more details of Repair Café events happening nearby in north London. Each Repair Café is only open to residents of the borough where the event is taking place and proof of address may be requested on entry. 

How to book on the day

If you have items that you would like to be repaired at one of these events you can book in with one of our repair specialists on the day of the event.

Each Repair Café will last four hours, and at each event there will be eight 30-minute slots available in each of the two repair categories (textiles and bicycles). You are permitted to book one repair slot per event in the category that your item falls under. Repair slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Before attending an event, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, which includes what to expect on the day, as well as health and safety and data protection requirements.

Please note that the following terms and conditions will be applied:

  • For bike repairs: only one bicycle is allowed per person, please be aware that spare parts such as tires, are not provided during the event.
  • For textile repairs: please note that you can only bring up to 3 pieces of textile with you to be amended.

If you want a zip repaired/replaced, please bring a replacement zip with you to the Repair Café. If you are not sure of the size or type to buy, we suggest you take the item of clothing to a haberdashery shop or market stall and they should be able to advise you what type to buy.

Electrical repair directory and services

Bikes and clothes aren’t the only things you can get fixed in north London. The Repair Directory is an online database with a mapping and search facility to help you find reliable electrical repair businesses and services in north London. The Directory is run by the Restart Project and funded by the NLWA Waste Prevention Community Fund.