Three women wearing swapped clothes

Stop & Swap

As part of the ‘Stop and Swap’ series of Instagram Live events hosted with Love Not Landfill, fashionistas and sustainable fashion advocates explored ways that we can all reduce the impact of our clothes on the planet. There are £30 billion worth of unworn clothes in the UK’s wardrobes and research shows that extending the life of clothes by 9 months reduces their impact on the environment by 25%. Clothes swaps have become popular with young fashion lovers - in fact, 75% of 16-24s recently polled said they have swapped or would swap clothes.

  • Turquoise jumpsuit
  • Bottle green dungarees and cream spotty chiffon shirt
  • Cream spotty chiffon shirt
  • Sequined handbag
  • Black trousers and grey and black stripy top
  • Khaki green shirt with bottle green/white stripe tracksuit bottoms
  • Long black evening dress
  • Yellow jumper and gold striped trousers
  • Cream spotty chiffon shirt with tartan pinafore dress
  • Khaki green roll-neck with green/beige patterned shirt

Check out the fantastic influencers and hosts who took part in the Instagram Live events below.