Three women wearing swapped clothes

Stop & Swap

Calling all north Londoners! Are you looking for a sustainable yet fashionable way to refresh your wardrobe? NLWA, in partnership with Love Not Landfill, is bringing you a series of online clothes swap events where you can exchange items you’ve fallen out of love with for new pieces, using the Nuw mobile app for free.


You can join the online swaps by downloading the Nuw mobile app here for free.

We’re also presenting a series of Instagram Live events hosted by Love Not Landfill, where fashionistas and sustainable fashion advocates will be exploring how we can all reduce the impact of our clothes on the planet. There are £30 billion worth of unworn clothes in the UK’s wardrobes and research shows that extending the life of clothes by 9 months reduces their impact on the environment by 25%. Clothes swaps have become popular with young fashion lovers - in fact, 75% of 16-24s recently polled said they have swapped or would swap clothes. Due to COVID-19 restrictions many in-person events have been halted, so NLWA and Love Not Landfill created the online Stop & Swap so the swapping can continue.

  • Turquoise jumpsuit
  • Bottle green dungarees and cream spotty chiffon shirt
  • Cream spotty chiffon shirt
  • Sequined handbag
  • Black trousers and grey and black stripy top
  • Khaki green shirt with bottle green/white stripe tracksuit bottoms
  • Long black evening dress
  • Yellow jumper and gold striped trousers
  • Cream spotty chiffon shirt with tartan pinafore dress
  • Khaki green roll-neck with green/beige patterned shirt

How it works

North Londoners have exclusive access to a series of live clothes swap events (dates below) including exciting collections curated by Love Not Landfill that will drop onto the app. The collections will include pieces donated by the influencers featured on the Instagram Lives taking place on the same day.

To take part in the Stop & Swap:
Click on the link above to register and download the Nuw app for free.

  • Photograph and upload the clothes you would like to swap.
  • Your clothes will be graded by the team at Nuw and awarded a silver or gold token for each piece (depending on its value).
  • You’re then ready to start swapping!

Check out the fantastic Love Not Landfill influencers and hosts who will be taking part in the Instagram Live events below.

Schedule for Instagram Live events

In line with Government guidance and to avoid non-essential visits to post items, the event on 20 January is postponed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Date and time Host Influencer
11 November 2020 at 6pm Sabrina Grant Ben Pechey
18 November 2020 at 6pm Meg Zeenat Wamithi Annie Wade Smith 
25 November 2020 at 6pm Lauren Bravo Rosette Ale
2 December 2020 at 6pm Harriet Rose Yosola Akinwumi
9 December 2020 at 6pm Meg Zeenat Wamithi Aisling Byrne


20 January 2021 at 6pm

Lauren Bravo Mikaela Loach
27 January 2021 at 6pm Details coming soon Zaqiya Cajee
3 February 2021 at 6pm Meg Zeenat Wamithi Details coming soon
10 February 2021 at 6pm Details coming soon Talia A. Darling


You can find out more information about how to take part in Stop & Swap, and how we're organising the online swaps in line with COVID-19 restrictions, in our Stop & Swap FAQs.

4 November 2020