family grocery shopping

Budget Shopping for the ‘win’

My husband and I love a good deal o. We’re one of those shoppers with a plan, in-and-out of the store, getting only what we need when we need it.

I know every household is different, especially when it comes to shopping habits. For us, our method of “budget buying” and short-term meal planning combined with our home setup (which I’ll get to shortly), serves to help us reduce food waste.  This works for us, so it could work for someone else – good habits are worth sharing.

We often find ourselves making regular trips to the shop. (Bonus: You could make a new friend out of your local shop clerk!) We find the frequency helps us reduce overbuying and allows us to take advantage of deals. The practice also gets us into the habit of buying more fresh foods and making healthier choices. Though, if I’m being honest, a big driver of our good habit is our home circumstances: an itty-bitty mini fridge and freezer. Through this necessity, we have learned to shop smarter and within our own means.

So, if any of these resonate with you, read on for a few of my top tips to help you shop smarter and reduce food waste in your home:

Plan for the short-term. Buy fresh produce with a plan in place to utilise the product in multiple things over the next few days. For example, coriander could be used in tacos, chili, salad dressings or even cocktails.

Take advantage of deals. When shopping for only 2-3 days, make use of yellow sticker products by including them within your next 24-48-hour meal rotation. Many stores offer deals for buying in bulk, so take advantage, save money and place any multiples into the freezer for later use.

Don’t fill empty space. The more room in your fridge/freezer, the more inclined you are to fill the space to keep it from looking empty. The same goes for wardrobes! Unless you’re forced into good habits with a small fridge/freezer (like me!), resist the temptation to fill it up by planning for the short-term and only buying what you need when you need it.