Sewing thread and buttons

Repair Week 2020

We are really pleased to be participating in the first ever ‘Repair Week’ which runs from 12 – 17 October 2020. There are also lots of Repair Week events taking place across London - find out more on the London Recycles website.

NLWA Instagram TV tutorials

To support Repair Week this year, NLWA has teamed up with five north London repair experts who will demonstrate a simple, handy repair on Instagram TV. We will also share the videos on our other social media channels, and add them to this page once complete (scroll down). The schedule for the tutorial is as follows:

  • Monday 12 October at 2pm: The Clothes Doctor's 'How to Rehydrate Leather'
  • Tuesday 13 October at 2pm: 'How to Replace the Inner Tube on Your Bicycle'
  • Wednesday 14 October 2pm: Upcycle Fashion's 'Simple Techniques to Transform a Garment'
  • Thursday 15 October 2pm: The Restart Project's 'How to Speed up your Laptop or Computer'
  • Friday 16 October 2pm: Worn Well's 'Repairing a Tear'
  • Saturday 17 October 2pm: Groundwork London's 'Fixing a Broken Chair'

Find out more about repair

Visit our Repair page for more tips and advice about repair. If you have an electrical item that needs repairing, you can use the electrical Repair Directory to find a north London repair business near you.

Watch our tutorials

The first of our tutorials shows you how to treat leather to keep it supple and soft:

Got a bike but unsure how to repair a puncture? A quick and simple solution is to replace the inner tube. Find out how:

You can completely transform a garment by adding a new set of buttons. Learn how easy is to sew on buttons and transform your clothes.

A slow laptop or computer can be very frustrating but a few simple #repair techniques can help: 

It only takes a second for a rusty nail to do damage to your clothes, but it might not be the end of the road! Watch this tutorial from Worn Well to learn how you can repair a tear.


Do you have a hole in your favourite pair of jeans or dress? Don't worry, you can bring them back to life with this simple tutorial on how to fix a hole with a patch.




There may be life left in wobbly old furniture! Our final Repair Week video shows how to repair a broken chair:

2 October 2020