Other household collection services

In addition to household waste, and household recycling services, there are a range of other home collection services available in north London:

Let a neighbour collect it

If you have an item that you no longer want, try offering it for sale, or for free. It might be just the thing that someone else was looking for! There are lots of ways to sell or give away items. We've listed them all on our Furniture page.

Garden waste

The north London boroughs offer garden (green) waste collection services to their residents, though some boroughs may charge for this service. Visit your council's website, or contact them, to find out more.

Food waste

Food waste services are available to lots of properties in north London. Visit your council's website, or contact them, to find out more.

Large items

All north London councils will collect most large items from your home. They may charge a small fee for the collection. Wherever possible, the items will be recycled, or in some boroughs, furniture that's in good condition will be put aside so that it can be given to a local community organisation, or sold to local people at affordable prices.

Apps for taking things to the recycling centre

There are a few apps around which allow you to pay someone else to take items to the local reuse and recycling centre. You can track the person's journey, and receive evidence that the item made it to its destination. Check out Tiptapp and Love Junk.

Large electrical items

If you live in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Islington or Waltham Forest, you can arrange for a free collection from a company called Clearabee. You can request a free collection by calling Clearabee on 0330 088 1085 or book online.

Coffee pods

The company Podback offers a home recycling collection service of used coffee pods. Check if you are eligible on the Podback website.

Small electricals, clothes and batteries

If you live in Camden or Waltham Forest, you might be eligible for home collection services of small electrical items, clothes, and batteries.


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