Paper collected from north London households and the reuse and recycling centres are processed in the UK and abroad.

The material is sorted at Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) in London and sent to mills for reprocessing both in Kent, Flintshire and abroad (Germany, France and Holland). It is recycled into new paper and card.

DS Smith Paper, Kemsley Paper Mill , Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2TD, UK
Papierfabrik Adolf Jass GMBH, Breitscheidstrasse, D-07407 Rudolstradt, Germany
Papierfabrik Adolf Jass GMBH, Hermann-Muth-Str.6 D-3603-Fulda, Germany
RDM Blendecques, 2 Rue de l'Hermitage, BP 53006 , Saint Omer CEDEX 62501, France
Unit 1 Parkway, Deeside Ind Pk, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2NS, UK
EuropacPapeterie de Rouen SA, Rue Desire Granet, BP551, 76808 Saint Etienne du Rouvray France
Paper PM1, gmbh. Lindenalle28 DE-39288 Burg. Germany
Paper PM2, GmbH, Oderalndstr,110 DE-15890 Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany
Hamburger Reiger, GMBH, -Papierfabrik Spremberg, An Der Heide B5, 03130 Spremberg Germany
Kuhheide34 De -16303 Schwedt/o.
AACHENER PAPIERVERWERTUNG, KoenenKaatsheuvel, Canadesestraar1, Kaatsheuevel, Holland 5171

51.3649111, 0.7547762

50.6839561, 11.3296766

50.5681394, 9.6817803

50.7111663, 2.2598943

53.225457, -3.0187109

49.367433459918, 1.1130314287824

52.253299313154, 11.881896440536

52.180971130446, 14.633700098205

51.527851470687, 14.358424498179

53.078327996756, 14.311965571256

50.775767691189, 6.1406239423289