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Nappy Ever After's guide to hassle-free reusable nappies

Everyone knows that reusable nappies are better for the environment than their disposable counterparts, but the perceived mess and inconvenience associated with them are among the biggest barriers. 

Step forward, Nappy Ever After

Founded by parents, for parents, in 2003, the organisation sells reusable nappies, provides advice and demonstrations, and runs a valuable laundry service. 

Whether families don’t have the facilities or space at home to wash and dry nappies, are struggling to find the time, or just don’t want to – the service addresses one of the only cons of these sustainable products.  

North London residents are even eligible for a £70 voucher, which can be redeemed against the weekly collection and delivery service. 

But just how difficult is the washing process?  

Nappy Ever After find that once babies reach around six-months-old and begin eating solids, many families opt to switch to home washing instead. This is because they are able to get into more of a routine once the newborn stage is over, and babies begin to get through fewer nappies. 

For anyone wondering where to start, Nappy Ever After Director, Hilary Vick, has shared her top tips for washing: 

  1. First, when you come to wash reusable nappies, you’ll need a bucket with a lid to store them in. 

  1. Next, line the bucket with a mesh bag and place the nappies inside as well as any washable wipes. 

  1. Once the buckets full, that should be a drum load ready to go in your washing machine. 

  1. Lift the mesh bag out and into your washing machine.

  2. Put the wash cycle on a rinse cycle first to get most of the pee and poo. A lot of the poo will have been caught by the liner but there will be a little bit on the nappies.

  3. Wash at 60 degrees.

  1. Finally, take the nappies out of the washing machine and air dry them on an airer or a washing line is best.

11 September 2023