Reduce reuse your cycle workshop

Reusable Period Products workshop

Meeting Room 1, Hornsey Vale Community Association, 60 Mayfield Road, London, N8 9LP

As part of our ReduceReuseYourCycle campaign, we're excited to be partnering with the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) to deliver workshops on reusable period products around north London!

Have you been curious about menstrual cups, period pants or reusable pads but not known who to ask? Want to know more about the different options and how women, girls and those who menstruate can make their periods more eco-friendly, waste and plastic-free?

The workshop will address the taboos around periods to help normalise discussion around menstruation and reusable period products.

We'll have samples to show you and answer any burning questions you might have about all things period, so you can help parents, pupils and community members to make an informed decision to try the reusable options. Discount codes will be available if you'd like to make the switch!

To sign-up to this free workshop, please visit WEN's event page here - Join the guestlist – Reduce, Reuse, Your Cycle Workshop  (