NLWA Annual Report 2017-18

North London Waste Authority’s Annual Report 2017-18 was approved by members of the Authority at the annual general meeting on 21 June 2018.

The Annual Report 2017-18 gives an overview of the main areas of the Authority’s work in 2017-18 and the main issues dealt with by the Authority.

You can download a copy of the full report here.

The Annual Report 2017-18 is divided into nine sections, which are described below. You can view individual sections of the report by clicking on the relevant links below.

  1. Summary of Performance 2017-18– provides an overview of the Annual Report 2017-18.

  2. Role and Operation of the Authority – provides an overview of the Authority’s structure, functions and strategy. You can also view structure charts for the Authority’s officer teams in Annex 1.

  3. Waste Prevention – details the Authority’s work to deliver the activities contained in the first year of a two-year Waste Prevention Plan 2018-20. The aim of the Plan is to divert 20,000 tonnes of waste from recycling and disposal over the life of the Plan.

  4. Recycling Services – details how the Authority managed recyclable material collected by the seven north London boroughs in 2017-18 and the eight Authority-run reuse and recycling centres (RRCs).

  5. Residual Waste Services – provides an account of how the Authority met its statutory duty to dispose of the residual (non-recyclable) waste collected by the seven north London boroughs in 2017-18. 

  6. Relationship with LondonEnergy Ltd – provides an account of how the Authority worked with its wholly owned waste contractor LondonEnergy Ltd (LEL) in 2017-18. You can also read the Annual Report of the Directors of LondonEnergy Ltd here.

  7. North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) – provides a progress update on the NLHPP, which is the Authority’s plan to build a replacement energy recovery facility, and associated development, at the Edmonton EcoPark. You can read more about the NLHPP on the project website.

  8. Communications and Campaigns – provides details of specific campaigns designed to help residents waste less and recycle more, as well as information about the day to day communications activity delivered to support the different business areas of the Authority.

  9. Governance – provides information about how the Authority was run in 2017-18, including specific developments and issues related to the governance of the Authority and details of any statutory requirements under which the Authority operates.

  10. Finance and Resources – provides an overview of the Authority’s financial position in 2017-18 and an account of the Authority’s approach to managing its finances and resources.