Hard plastics
Published date: 29 March 2023

North London Waste Authority introduces hard plastics recycling trial

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has launched a new recycling trial to reduce the amount of hard plastic being binned. 

Hard plastics, such as toys, buckets and garden furniture, can be difficult to recycle due to their complex composition and the lack of standardised collection services across London. 

The trial at Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre in Camden will involve a system for collecting and processing the material, which will then be tested to determine its effectiveness and economic viability.

NLWA hopes that the trial will provide valuable insight into the challenges of recycling hard plastics and help to develop solutions to include these products in north London's future recycling offer contributing to increased recycling rates.

The authority is committed to leading the way for recycling innovation, working with local councils and other partners to develop sustainable waste management practices and create a circular economy for all materials.

Cllr Adam Harrison, NLWA Recycling Group Chair, said: "We’re delighted to be able to trial hard plastics recycling and add it to one of the most extensive ranges of recycling services available in London.

“While it’s essential that more is done to prevent waste in the first place, we will continue to seek out opportunities to manage materials more efficiently and with less impact on the environment; helping support the circular economy.  

“We all have a role to play in tackling the climate emergency, so residents are urged to take advantage of this opportunity in Camden to help us create a more sustainable north London.”

Other successful initiatives to improve recycling rates and reduce waste across north London include expanded polystyrene recycling, free DIY materials and mattress recycling.

To find out more about what can and can’t be recycled at Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre during the hard plastics trial, please visit  https://www.nlwa.gov.uk/places-to-recycle/camden-regis-road.