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Hi i.......... We are making a app that will help people recycle . The app lets you take a picture of a item then according to what you taken a pictures of it tells you how to correctly dispose of it .

To make this app work we were looking at your website ( ) to get information of how to recycle different items .

Would it be ok if we used the information on your website in our app ?


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Thank you for your request to use the information on our website at to help you make your recycling app. We are very happy for you to use the information, it’s publicly available.

The only caution we make is that what can and cannot be recycled varies across the country depending on where the local authorities take the material to for sorting and recycling. Our information for north London may not be applicable to Greater Manchester, if you want to develop an app that is usable locally. In north London we have a wide range of recyclable materials included in the specification for the materials recycling facility that use, but in other places in the country there might be a different specification for what they can and cannot accept for recycling. I’d recommend including a caveat somewhere on the app which explains this.

Other than that, best wishes with the development of your app and do come back to us if you need more information.

Kind regards