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About Us

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is a statutory public authority, committed to serving over two million north London residents in  Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Waltham Forest.


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  1. Councils collect rubbish and recycling and pay North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to deal with it.
  2. NLWA keeps costs low and gets the best deal for residents. Step 3 or Step 4
  3. NLWA manages contracts to sort recycling into different materials and sell it. Step 7
  4. NLWA owns a company called LondonEnergy Limited. LondonEnergy disposes of the rubbish and manages recycling centres.
  5. NLWA’s publicly-owned energy from waste facility burns rubbish to generate electricity. This is better than sending it to landfill.
  6. Electricity is sold to the National Grid. The funds generated go directly back to NLWA to provide service for residents.
  7. The funds generated go directly back to NLWA to provide service for residents.

NLWA’s work includes:

  • Managing waste transportation and disposal on behalf of seven north London boroughs
  • Managing recycling collected by our seven boroughs
  • Promoting waste minimisation and recycling to preserve resources

Our aim is to preserve the resources and the environment today and for future generations. We are committed to innovation and careful planning to ensure we manage waste resources effectively and sustainably. We work with residents, schools and businesses to promote waste minimisation and recycling to preserve resources and reduce the amount of waste that has to be disposed of.

LondonEnergy Ltd

LondonEnergy Ltd (LEL)  is a company wholly owned by NLWA which manages and operates the Edmonton energy from waste facility, six reuse and recycling centres and three waste transfer stations on our behalf.

The close and cooperative relationship between NLWA and LEL realises substantial benefits for north London residents:

  • It delivers a cost effective and environmentally sustainable service
  • As the sole shareholder, NLWA ensures funds generated by energy sales are reinvested into public services for residents.

NLWA Members, who are elected public officials accountable to council taxpayers, are on the LEL board. This helps to ensure NLWA and LEL work together effectively and in the best interests of north London residents

There are lots of examples of how the partnership has delivered sustainable solutions for north London, like for example the Reuse Shoprepair events or mattress recycling scheme. Learn more about what we do by exploring the NLWA and LEL websites. Or alternatively you can ask any further questions you have here.


NLWA is governed by 14 members, two councillors from each of the seven north London boroughs. It is these members that make the decisions relating to the disposal of north London's waste. For more information about the role they play, visit our Governance page.

NLWA makes the following cross-borough arrangements for support services:

London Borough of Camden:
Financial Adviser
Legal Adviser
NLWA staff are employed by London Borough of Camden to work for NLWA

London Borough of Enfield:
Environment Adviser

The roles of senior officers are set out in NLWA's Standing Orders.