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Pick the Habit

Food is often at the heart of the home. At NLWA we want to celebrate great food and north Londoners’ great food habits - the ones that help us waste less food. Pick the Habit is part of our food waste prevention campaign to help residents save money and reduce food waste by adopting good food behaviours.

It is time to act! Research shows that we throw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK – 4.5 million tonnes could have been eaten. According to WRAP, the average household wastes more than £500 of edible food every year, which is equivalent in carbon terms to the carbon footprint generated by one in five cars on UK roads. In the current climate emergency fighting food waste has to be a top priority.

Did you know?
70% of all food wasted in the UK is wasted by citizens in their own homes. But the good news is everyone can make a difference. 

Real people have real tips, so we have asked real north Londoners to reveal the kitchen secrets that help them save surplus food from going to waste. There isn’t ‘one personality fits all’ when comes to food, so we want to celebrate ALL the positive steps that people take at home to combat food waste.

Throughout the campaign, you will hear first-hand the food love stories of our different personalities and what their tips are to prevent food from going to waste. You can also find recipes to make delicious zero-waste snacks with step-by-step explanation to make at home. 

You will be also able to find out which food loving personality you are with our BuzzFeed quiz and learn amazing tips from real londoners. 

Pick your Habit!