LDPE (low density polyethylene)

LDPE Symbol 4


The identification codes show which type of plastic resin was used to make a product. That means it doesn’t necessarily indicate a product’s recyclability. To check if something is recyclable, either search for the individual item on our A-Z function (opens in a new window), or check on our recycling page (opens in a new window).

LDPE (low-density polyethene) is a flexible plastic with many applications. LDPE is used to make many thin, flexible products like plastic bags for dry-cleaning, newspapers, bread, frozen foods, fresh produce and rubbish.

LDPE can be found in squeeze bottles, toys, carrier bags, heavy-duty sacks, general packaging, gas and water pipes.

LDPE is not often accepted for household recycling. In north London, we would like to recycle carrier bags, but have not been able to find a suitable recycler to send them to. Until we are able to find one, we suggest that residents take “flexible plastics” to designated collection points for carrier bags (opens in a new window), or check on Terracycle (opens in a new window).

LPDE can be recycled into rubbish bags, compost bins, shipping envelopes, panelling, plastic lumber, floor tiles.