Plastic bottle triggers/pumps

Bottles with pumps


Pumps and triggers on plastic bottles are likely to be a different material to the plastic bottle so ideally we would ask people to remove these so they are separated from the bottle.

However, because the triggers and pumps can be quite difficult to remove, we do not give the instruction that they must be removed before the bottle is included in the recycling.

If the triggers/pumps remain attached to the bottles some will pop-off during processing so will be removed that way. In addition in some cases the recycling will go first to the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), for sorting into the different individual materials but the plastics may then go on to a second sorting plant called a plastics recovery facility (PRF) for further sorting and they will then be extracted there.

So plastic triggers and pumps should ideally be removed from the plastic bottle and disposed in the residual waste, but if they are left on, this will not cause any problems for processing the plastic.