Rubble and hardcore



hardcore and rubble, hardcore, rubble

Hardcore can be taken to any north London's reuse and recycling centres (RRC) where it can be recycled. Each north London household can take DIY waste capable of being fitted into two 50 litre bags, four times in any four week period. This includes concrete, brick, stones, pebbles, sand and gravel.

  • If you are visiting Barrowell Green RRC: please note that you can only take hardcore, rubble, concrete, brick and stones - you cannot take pebbles, soil, sand and gravel.
  • If you are visiting any other RRC: you can take concrete, brick, stones, pebbles, soil, sand and gravel. 

If you have a large quantity of hardcore material, consider hiring a skip.

**Please note that we are not currently able to recycle soil so it would need to go in our general waste container.